Pros and Cons of a Pole Building

If you are in the preliminary planning stages of your project, you probably are considering the three basic choices you have in construction: Pole Buildings, Wood Frame or Stick Built with Steel Frame. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Below is a grid that can help you make a more informed decision:

Pole Building Wood Frame / Stick Built Steel Frame
Adaptable Design Most Adaptable More Adaptable Least Adaptable
Usability Most Useable More Useable Least Useable
Insulation Easier to Insulate Easiest to Insulate Most Difficult to Insulate
Finished Interior Easier to Finish Easiest to Finish Most Difficult to Finish
Clear Spans Not as Wide Not as Wide Widest
Foundation Wood Poles Block Foundation Concrete Piers
Life Expectancy 40 - 60 years 60 - 80 years 80 - 100 years
Basement No Yes No
Speed to Build Fastest Slowest Faster
Partitions / Separate Rooms Yes Yes Yes
Complies with Building Codes Yes Yes Yes