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Can You Spot the 5 Differences?

Building A

Has 5 things standard on a Timberline Building

Residential Building with Standard Features

The Timberline Building on Left Has...

  • 12" Eaves Overhangs Standard
  • Ridge Vent Standard
  • Dutch Corners Standard
  • Outside Locks Standard
  • Entry Door Jambs Wrapped in Steel Standard

Building B

Has costly up-charges from the competition

They charge extra for Residential Buildings with Standard Features

... and the Building on Right...

  • They Charge Extra
  • They Charge Extra
  • They Charge Extra
  • They Charge Extra
  • They Charge Extra

32' x 48' x 10' - 1,536 sq. feet
Installed & Equipped as follows:

  • 3 - 9' x 8' Insulated Garage Doors
  • 1 - 36" 9-Lite Entry Door
  • 2 - 3' x 3' Sliding Windows
  • Seamless Raingutters
  • 12" Rear Eve and Gable Overhangs
  • 36" Front Cantilever
  • Walls: Beige
  • Roof: Clay
  • Trim: Clay

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