Choosing Your Building Site

Selecting a building location on your property is a very important process. You must determine where your pole building will work best (aligned with the house or better suited to be on the back of the property). Determine if the land is rolling & hilly, level or sloped. You will also have to determine if there are soft spots or rocks that will prevent the drilling of the footers.

You must also determine what your local township requires for setback from the property lines, well or septic tank. All nearby underground utilities and self installed underground obstructions need to be clearly marked prior to start of construction.

Walk the area you are going to prepare as a building site & determine what trees will stay and which will have to be removed. Mark the trees that will need to be removed and review with your Timberline sales rep. Also, tell your rep. of any special concerns regarding possible damage to yard and driveway due to crew and delivery trucks.

Cut away all trees and brush that allows a building site to be large enough for the building pad plus ample room for the crews and delivery trucks. Your Timberline sales rep. can assist you with determining how much room that would require.

Choosing a professional excavator to clear the land and build a proper building pad is one of the most important decisions you will make in your building project. A professional excavator knows the proper type of fill required to build a suitable building pad. Fly by night so called “excavators” often use large rock & shale for fill which in turn prevents the drill rig from properly drilling the footers. This will result in you having to spend additional and unexpected money for additional material and labor costs. If you do not know of an excavator in your area, please contact us and we may be able to recommend someone that is familiar with our standards.

If Timberline is pouring your concrete floor, please have your excavator put the stone base on a neat pile close to the building pad. Timberline’s crews will place the stone inside the pole building after construction and prior to the pouring of the floor.

If you have any other questions, contact us. Our representatives will help you out.


Excavating equipment on a job site.