5 Important Steps to Ensure a Successful Building Project

We are fast becoming recognized by not only our customers but also our competitors to be one of Pennsylvania’s finest pole building providers. With that being said we also realize that all parties have a stake in ensuring a mutually successful building project. We offer the following recommendations as important steps for you to take during the process.


1. Consider the current and future plans for the use of your structure.

It is our goal to offer expert guidance to select and outfit your building to suit both your needs and budget. We can meet that goal much more effectively if you have already thought through what the plans are for your new building. One example of things to discuss would be whether or not you plan to insulate your building now or in the future. If so we would do our best to help you select the proper components to include with an insulated building. This would include higher R-Value doors, vapor barrier under the concrete, among other choices. Keep in mind that we also offer an option for a complete insulation package installed in your building. With our large selection of affordable building options and a little bit of collaboration we’ll be able to arrive at a final design that is sure to please.


2. Compare quotes and understand that not all quotes are created equal.

It is important to understand that when comparing quotes it is easy to overlook certain items at first glance. What might look like the best and cheapest quote might not actually be the best value in the end. We strive to provide an accurate quote with no hidden costs while also including more standard features compared to the competition. Some of the items we include in a standard quote that others might charge extra for are:

  • 12” Eaves
  • Ridge vent
  • Trash removal
  • Dutch corners on overhead doors
  • Complete trim package including entry door jamb wrapped in steel
  • Y-bracing on posts for additional wind and snow load support

In addition to all these beneficial features your Timberline building will be erected by our respectful, dedicated crews who deliver a superior customer experience by maintaining consistent quality construction and tidy job sites, all within a dependable schedule.


3. Plan for the financing of your project.

It is important to consider how you will finance your complete project. Keep in mind that in addition to your quote from Timberline there could be some other expenses to account for such as excavation, stone for your base, landscaping, electrical, etc. We have agreements with finance companies who specialize in financing these types of projects. Please ask your Timberline representative for details. Your Timberline rep will request a 25% deposit upon signing an agreement with us. An additional payment will be requested upon delivery of the building and the final balance will be due at the completion of the project. Note: In some cases we would accept a $1,000 “drawing” deposit which allows us to release drawings and other information to you for obtaining your permit.


4. Have your site properly prepared.

We require each customer to provide a level and properly prepared site to build upon. Ideally your level site would allow 3 feet of working room on each side. An example: For a 30’ x 40’ building you will need a 36’ x 46’ level pad to build on. For additional site preparation information see The Pole Building Site Prep Guide.


5. Secure your building permit at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled build date.

All of the areas that we work in require permits to build new structures. At a minimum you will need to get a Zoning Permit which is basic approval from your local authorities to build the proposed structure on your land within the statutes of your local zoning ordinances. In some cases the township may require an additional Building Permit in addition to the Zoning Permit. Be sure to inquire with your local officials about the requirements pertaining to your project. We provide construction drawings and specifications free of charge for your use in applying for your permits. If your township requires the drawings to have an Engineered Seal we can provide that service to you for a fee of $500.