The timberline value comparison guide

At Timberline Buildings we have made a commitment to value that goes over and beyond what most companies offer in the marketplace today. We have found that our customers appreciate the value of a well-constructed building as well as our hassle-free and clearly defined sales, design, and construction process. Although a lot of our customers have previous construction experience, for some of you this might be the first building you have contracted to be built. We understand that sorting through multiple quotes and determining who is offering the best value can be a bit mind-boggling at times. Please refer to the following Value Comparison Guide to help you make a final decision about which company you are going to contract with for your building project. Remember, your Timberline Building comes standard with all of the following features. Obviously, there are other reputable builders who might include some of these items. But if not, we have listed the basic values for your use in comparing quotes.

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Value Comparison Guide

Features Included Value
12’’ eaves Yes $1,000 - $2,500
Ridge vent Yes $300 - $500
Y-bracing on posts for additional support Yes $200 - $400
Trash removal Yes $100 - $300
Dutch corners on overhead doors Yes $75 - $150
Complete trim package/entry door jamb wrapped in steel Yes $75 - $150

Hassle-Free Process

“When we provide our customers with a building experience that meets their needs, at a price within their budget, all while providing a completed project that exceeds the quoted price in terms of value, we have met our goal.”

- Sylvan Lee Stoltzfus, President

Services Included Value
Phone lines staffed live from 8:00 to 5:30 every day Yes You decide
Fast response to quote requests Yes You decide
Accurate, honest price quote with no hidden costs Yes You decide
A thorough design process by our in-house design team Yes You decide
Hassle-free experience from the first phone call to the last Yes You decide
Fast and courteous remediation of warranty issues Yes You decide

Your Timberline Building Will Have:

  • A 12" overhang standard on the eave wall
    This additional foot will stop rain from pouring down the sides of your new pole barn. An overhang also gives your building a more finished look. It's surprising how a simple thing like no overhangs makes a building look like a box sitting on your property. Our overhang also gives better ventilation throughout your building, which is very important if you are storing combustible materials. 12" gable overhand is optional.
  • Ridge vents on your building
    Hopefully you will be spending lots of time in your new building, and by adding ridge vents, they allow hot air to easily escape, making it cooler for you to work in the summer time. But probably more important than your comfort, is the danger a pole building that does not have ridge vents can cause. If you do not have good air circulation, condensation and mold could build up on your roof. Some manufacturers will void their product warranty if they discover damage due to improper ventilation.
  • Dutch corners
    Timberline has always wanted to build structures that were functional and looked really sharp. The Dutch corners we use makes your structure look more residential and less like a commercial looking warehouse. The truth of the matter is to do these Dutch corners correctly- it takes a little time. Like all parts of the building, if the crew rushes through this, it can look a little shoddy or cause future problems. Probably not surprising why some companies skip this detail all together OR add up to $100/door on top of their price.
  • The excitement of Door Jambs
    Many customers have never thought twice about door jambs, but Timberline uses stronger protective covering which prevents the jamb from rotting. By spending a few dollars more, you'll have a door jamb that is 100% maintenance free, will never need painting, and won't begin to crack, chip and peel when your building is only 2 years old.
  • Y Bracing for East Coast Winters
    On one of the very first pole buildings Timberline constructed, they began adding Y bracing. This single feature almost exclusive to Timberline provides additional support to the roof, something you may not think about until you get 100 mph wind or two blizzards in a row and the roof collapses.
  • Drip cap at the Top of the Eave of the Overhang
    If you look closely at a Timberline Building, you'll notice a piece of flashing at the top of fascia. The drip cap, Timberline has found, gives more protection to the face board when it rains. Too much water on your face board means more rotting. This is a standard feature from Timberline that may be an additional charge with other Pole Builders.
  • Trash Removal
    Not only does Timberline pay for the trash removal during and after their construction, they guarantee it's done quickly. Undoubtedly, you are going to be excited to use your new pole building and Timberline thinks the last thing you are going to want to do is to pick up wrappings from the neighbor's property, scour the grass for nails, or rent a dumpster to haul everything away.
  • 20 (not 5) color choices - at no charge
    By partnering with better quality suppliers, Timberline is able to pass along wider choices for most of the details in your building. That's why you will have 20 standard choices in colors for your roofing and siding, all without any additional "Special Color Charge"
  • Experience in Pole Buildings
    You will appreciate the benefits of contracting with an established builder that has completed over a thousand projects since we opened for business in 2003.  We will listen to and hear your ideas, add our experience and come up with an affordable, viable solution to your garage or storage needs. For more than 15 years, Timberline Buildings has worked with building inspectors, townships and local code requirements, and have the experience that is needed to guide you through the planning and construction process. Our process assures tighter control and consistency, one pole barn after another. See for yourself what we can do - visit our photo gallery.
  • No Need to Call a Separate Contractor for your Concrete Floor
    At Timberline we staff and maintain our own concrete crew to pour the floor in your pole building. This makes for seamless communication between you the customer and Timberline Buildings.
  • And finally....Responsiveness
    If you have to work to get any kind of builder to call you back or give you a quote, it does make you wonder how responsive they are going to be once they start construction. Will they dump the materials on your property then disappear for a few weeks, without returning any of your phone calls? If they can't get a quote out to you on time, what does that say about how smoothly the actual construction is going to run?