How to Determine Overhead Door Sizes

Here are some logistics to consider when determining how to maximize the door size and placement for your pole building. For overhead garage doors, a general rule of thumb is to maintain a minimum of 2 feet between doors, as well as from any building corner. For example, using this rule, you could place three 12-foot wide doors on a 44-foot wall. To calculate this, simply add the width of the doors together (3x12=36) and subtract this from the wall length (44 - 36). This leaves you with a balance of 8 feet of wall space. Divide this by the total number of spaces between doors, four in this case, and you will discover that you are left with adequate spacing.

Pole buildings are typically built in 2-foot increments for the wall height (i.e. 10’, 12’, 14’ etc). When considering the maximum door height that will be feasible for your building, the 2-foot rule is a safe one to follow as well. If you need a 10-foot high opening, you can know that 12-foot tall walls will work well for this. However, if keeping your building to a minimum height is important to you, the door track can be installed in as little as 16 inches of clearance. For example, in the case of the 10-foot high door, your building wall height could be as low as 11 feet 4 inches.

In the door industry, the first number indicates the width and the second number indicates the height. For example, a 12x10 door will be 12 feet wide and 10 feet high.

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