The Pole Building Permit Process Guide

All of the areas we work in require permits for construction of new structures. At a minimum you will need to get a Zoning Permit or “Land Use” Permit which is basic approval from the authorities at your local municipality to build the proposed structure on your land within the statutes of your local zoning ordinances. In some cases there may be a Building Permit required in addition to the Zoning Permit. Be sure to inquire with your local officials about the requirements pertaining to your project. We provide construction drawings and specifications free of charge for your use in applying for permits. These drawings and specifications are released to you after we have a final agreement with you for the building you want to build. If your township or municipality requires the drawings to have an Engineered Seal we can provide that service to you for a fee of $500.00.

Permit Process Checklist

  • It is never too early to start! Most of our customers start inquiring with their local municipality either just before or within a week after ordering their building.
  • Contact your local municipality for Zoning or Land Use approval.
  • Inquire whether or not “storm water” design is required.
  • After Zoning Permit approval is granted inquire whether or not a building permit will also be required.
  • If required, apply for a building permit (sometimes otherwise referred to as a UCC Permit) with the appropriate local firm.
  • As soon as permits are obtained, forward copies to Timberline along with the inspection agency’s phone number and schedule (if inspections are required).

Helpful Tips

  • Typically a Zoning or “Land Use” permit is relatively low-cost and easy to obtain as long as your project use falls within the statutes of your local zoning ordinances.
  • Building Permits, (otherwise referred to as UCC Permits) are often obtained through a third party. This agency charges a fee for their service in providing plan review and inspection services for the building.
  • Don’t sweat the permit process! Timberline has successfully completed hundreds and hundred of projects in various municipalities.
  • Although you are ultimately responsible for obtaining your building permit, we are here to help. Call us for help if you need it and enjoy the benefits of Timberline’s Hassle-Free Building Experience!