Pole Barn Color Options

If you appreciate color options for your pole buildings, look no further! Timberline offers the colors, or color combinations, to fit anyone’s creativity. Best of all, you can combine most of these colors, as trim or accent colors, for no extra charge. If you want to “dress up” your building, you can choose the two-tone option, where the lower 36”-42” of the side metal is chosen to compliment the colors of the upper sidewall metal. Many have found this to be an inexpensive option for creating a less commercial looking structure. So go ahead with your personal color choices. Whether you choose the more earthy colors of brown or clay, or go full Americana with red and white, the colors on your pole barn will set you apart from the common crowd. Use our color visualizer to see what your dreams can become!

Change the colors on the building by selecting your choice from the colored buttons above.

Metal Roofing & Siding Colors

Bright White Bright White
Light Stone Light Stone
Beige Beige
Clay Clay
Tan Tan
Bone White Bone White
Ash Gray Ash Gray
Pewter Gray Pewter Gray
Charcoal Charcoal
Bronze Bronze
Scarlet Red Scarlet Red
Barn Red Barn Red
Colonial Red Colonial Red
Burgundy Burgundy
Brown Brown
Gold Gold
Panita Green Panita Green
Avocado Green Avocado Green
Forest Green Forest Green
Evergreen Evergreen
Copper Penny Copper Penny
Slate Blue Slate Blue
Gallery Blue Gallery Blue
Dark Blue Dark Blue
Black Black