Optional Features

Looking for a feature that we don't offer? We have access to a wide range of products and if you need something but don't see it, call us! We can most likely source the item you need.

Choices: Basic, Deluxe, and Elite!

Residential Overhead Doors


Typical Raised Panel


Raised Panel with Windows

Optional SUNBURST Windows

Optional STOCKTON Windows

Optional CASCADE Windows

Optional CATHEDRAL Windows


Carriage Style

Optional STOCKTON Windows

Optional STOCKTON ARCHED Windows

Optional CASCADE Windows

Optional MADISON ARCHED Windows

Commercial Overhead Doors


Ribbed Steel

Optional 24” x 12” Windows

Optional Full Vision Glass


Flush Panel


Flush Panel with Windows

Optional Full Vision Glass

R-Value Selection Guide

All of our standard buildings are priced with insulated doors at a minimum R-value of R6.8. Higher R-values are available and should be considered based on the use of the building. Use the reference guide shown here to help you decide what will be the best choice for your building.
R6.8 Insulated with steel exterior and vinyl interior backer Recommended for use in buildings that will not be insulated.
R13.5 Insulated with steel exterior and interior Recommended for buildings that will be insulated and heated some of the time.
R16.18 Insulated with steel exterior and interior Recommended for buildings that will be heated all or most of the time. Any applications where heating efficiency is high priority.

Entry Doors


36” Solid Entry Door


36” 9-lite Entry Door


72” Double 9-lite Entry Door

Dutch Doors


Typical Wooden Dutch Door


Metal Dutch Door with Crossbucks


Metal Dutch Door with Crossbucks and Windows

Sliding Doors


Typical Sliding Door with Metal Siding


Sliding Door with Crossbucks


Sliding Door with Crossbucks and Windows



3’x3’ Slider (Also available in 4’x3’)


32”x44” Single Hung with grids


3’x4’ Double Hung with grids and shutters



12” Eaves (Standard Timberline Feature)


12” Gables (Optional)


36” Cantilever for extra protection over windows and doors



Double Bubble Vapor Barrier


Foamboard Insulation (Call to Discuss Various Options)


Liner Panel with R-19 in Walls and R-30 in Ceiling



Typical Louvered Cupola


Louvered Cupola with Weathervane


Cupola with Windows and Weathervane



30” BUCK

30” COW




Other Options

Metal Siding

The typical and most economical choice. Available in 20 colors.

Board & Baton

A great choice if you prefer a natural or rustic look.

Vinyl Siding

For a more residential look. If you need to match your house, vinyl might be your best choice.

Seamless Gutters

Control storm water run-off and keep splash marks away from your building walls. Available in many colors.

Two-Tone Siding

Add some style. Helps to break things up and add a touch of class.

Concrete Floors

Available in thickness of 4” thick through 8” thick.

Snow Guards

Keep snow from crashing off your roof and damaging items or cars parked close by.

Leaf Guards

Keep your gutters from getting clogged with leaves or other debris.

Wall Sidelights

An easy and affordable way to invite natural light into your building.

Post Choices

Typical P.T. glu-lam or solid sawn post. Suitable in most applications.


An affordable upgrade recommended for use in wet conditions or anywhere that premature decay is a concern.


Provides your building with a concrete foundation. Ideal for applications where wood in the ground is not suitable.

Metal Roofing & Siding Colors

Bright White Bright White
Light Stone Light Stone
Beige Beige
Clay Clay
Tan Tan
Bone White Bone White
Ash Gray Ash Gray
Pewter Gray Pewter Gray
Charcoal Charcoal
Bronze Bronze
Scarlet Red Scarlet Red
Barn Red Barn Red
Colonial Red Colonial Red
Burgundy Burgundy
Brown Brown
Gold Gold
Panita Green Panita Green
Avocado Green Avocado Green
Forest Green Forest Green
Evergreen Evergreen
Copper Penny Copper Penny
Slate Blue Slate Blue
Gallery Blue Gallery Blue
Dark Blue Dark Blue
Black Black

Option Price Ranges

Additional Options Low Price Range High Price Range
12 inch overhang that improves ventilation; better appearance, less boxy, fits in better in residential settings $600.00 $1000.00
Barn Style Sliding Windows or House Style double hung windows that use grids and are insulated like those in your home $200.00 $300.00
Garage Doors - in a range from a modest door to a fancier carriage house style door; seen on newer homes $900.00 $1500.00
Wainscoting around the perimeter that breaks up the look of the siding $400.00 $800.00
Insulation; either our Vapor Barrier on the roof or cellulose blown in on top of a steel liner ceiling. Ideal for your shop or commercial building. $1000.00 $3000.00
Cupolas that add a visually pleasing ornamental touch, and optional ventilation. $450.00 $1000.00
Extra Entry Doors or walk-in doors for easier access. $350.00 $380.00
Extra windows can be placed anywhere you would like as long as they do not compromise the integrity of the structure $200.00 $300.00
Concrete flooring can be added to any of our structures for a more substantial floor and finished look by our own concrete pouring crew $3.50 PSF $5.00 PSF
Add interior walls to divide your space into separate areas for an office, workspace or shop. $2000.00 $3000.00
Sky lights or side lights to bring natural light into your space $900.00 $1800.00
For an upgraded look from metal, try choosing colored vinyl siding, many choices available. $3000.00 $4000.00
Wood siding in our Board-n-Batten style is another upgraded look from our standard metal; seen on horse barns for example. $1500.00 $3500.00
Asphalt shingles in place of the standard metal roof in your choice of colors. $3000.00 $5000.00
Exterior gutters to drain off rain or melting snow $700.00 $1400.00
Snow guards $500.00 $1000.00
A lean-to provides even more square footage $2900.00 $6000.00